Flat RoofFlat Roofs

Flat roofs are probably the most common problem we come across. years of rain and sun cause roofing felt to crack and this will allow the rain in. The roof boards tend to hise the problem for a while so that by the time the problem is obvious, a lot of damage can have occurred. Wolverhampton Roofing can offer like-for-like replacement felt along with new boards if needed.






Tiled Roof

Tiled Roofs

Tiled roofs were traditionally clay roof tiles and were used on buildings from as long ago as the 16th Century (concrete tiles are a relative newcomer) and over the years they can shale and crack which will cause problems. Concrete tiles will suffer the same problems. Individual tiles can be replaced but this is usually a warning sign that the roof has come to the end of its life. Wolverhampton Roofing offer a vast choice of new roof tiles to suit every property and taste.





Slate roof

Slate Roofs

Slate roofs can last many years and are common on Victorian houses. over time slates can be damaged, degrade (degradation is normally caused by pollution) or most commonly the nails fail. We can replace individual slates which may have cracked or degraded causing localised leaks in the roof. This may show that the whole roof may need replacing – in which case Wolverhampton Roofing can offer a variety of slates (both naturally quarried and synthetic) to give you a completely new roof. We can also provide reclaimed Welsh slates if you prefer a weathered look.



Fascia and Soffit Replacement

Timber fascias and soffits require maintenance on a regular basis if they are to stay free from rot and do their job effectively. Unfortunately, by the time you notice the problem it’s too late and the damage is done. Wolverhampton Roofing can replace with new timber or solid uPVC. board and replace the soffits with new uPVC. New guttering will normally form part of this job.




Plastic Gutter


If your fascias are sound, then it’s no problem to replace guttering as a job on its own. There’s a massive choice of profiles and colours available to choose from nowadays and the finish will always look great.








Chimney repair

Chimney Repair and renewal

Chimneys are more exposed than any other brickwork on your property. the elements will eventually cause damage. We can repair by way of re-pointing the mortar joints, renewing or re-bedding the chimney pots. If the damage is irrepairable, we would recommend dismantling the chimney down to the roofline and rebuilding.




Lead Flashing

Lead Replacement

Lead is used to form a watertight flashing between a roof and where it butts up to adjoining brickwork. The lead is fixed into the brickwork then mortar is added. A commong problem is that the mortar degrades causing the lead to work loose and cause leaks. we are often asked to replace lead work and re-point the affected areas.




Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Roofing is an extremely important part of any building and although roofs are built to last for decades, ensuring proper maintenance is a task that should not be taken for granted. a well-maintained roof lasts longer and keeps the market value of a house or a building at its prime. A clean roof also makes your home look more aesthetically pleasing.




Verge Tiling

Hip, Ridge and Verge Tile Rebedding

Hip and ridge tiles are traditionally fixed to the roof on mortar beds. Over time the mortar can degrade, leaving a loose tile which could leak into the roof-space or even come off the roof. Removing the old tiles and mortar, then re-bedding on new mortar is required. Wolverhampton Roofing also supply and fit  a’dry’ Ridge and Hip system. Another area where mortar can degrade ison the gable end of the roof. This can also cause leakage and can be remdied by removal of tiles and the re-bedding with fresh mortar.